St Xaviers Mahad

The hardest part in the life of someone is saying goodbye.

At St. Xavier’s school the students of standard X and XII were bid a grand farewell in the evening of 26th February 2022. To witness this sentimental event, students of standard VI to IX and XI along with some parents showed their presence.

What a wonderful moment! Yes a wonderful moment because even the farewell was celebrated in a grand way. The bonding between the school and the students is one of its kind and hence to make this event a cheerful memory, a beautiful programme was setup.

The auspicious occasion was graced by Mrs. Pratima Pudalwad, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Mahad and Mr. Sambhaji Pathare, Executive Vice President, Privi Speciality Chemicals Ltd, MIDC Mahad.

The programme started with the lightning of the lamp by the dignitaries. A slow welcome March with melodious song Hey Sharade Maa…. sung by the students of standard IX and XI. The students of standard X and XII marched in with their respective class teachers leading, all in a procession.

A student from standard IX shared his experience and wished the seniors good luck with his motivational words. Graceful dance was performed by the girls of standard XI which added its own beauty to the event.

It was time for the glorious moment, the most awaited moment in a student’s life— Declaration of The Best Student from standard X and XII. The process of selecting the best student is not just of one day but it’s an ongoing evaluation process. There were many applicants who desired and were capable to be the best. The candidates were evaluated based on their academics, extra initiatives, behavioral aspects, and so on. Later each individual was interviewed personally by a panel of judges including the Chairman Sir and Principal Ma’am of the school.

‘Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’

The Best Students for the Academic Year 2021-22 were Miss Vaishnavi Kaustubh More from standard X and Master Harsh Lalit Mewada from standard XII. After the felicitation and citation of the Best Student, the torch was raised by them and passed on to the prefects and vice prefects of the four houses with an oath to keep shining like the light of the torch and a promise to abide by the motto of the school ‘ LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE.’

The motivational speeches given by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour inspired students to dream big and believe in one self and to follow their dream. The Guests in their speech also emphasized the values that St. Xavier School inculcated in the students which they must carry with them where ever they go.

With the twilight of the evening the programme moved towards the conclusion.

It was time to bid good-bye. A slow march past by the parade with the flag holders, escorted the students of standard X and XII. Each student was given a lit candle by their teachers symbolizing the dispulsion of darkness and shine their life with their lights of glory. Finally the students departed with tears in their eyes with dreams shimmering in them.The young birds of the school were ready to be sent into this world to soar high with strength in their wings to seek their destinations in life.