St Xaviers Mahad

The first bell goes at 08:40 am. Where it is a call for the students to assemble on the ground in silence along with teachers.


Students are made to take part in the morning assemblies where they are properly trained and encouraged by the teachers to perform in front of the Congregation.


It all starts with the hoisting of school flag with a rhythmic sound followed by a melodious hymn. To quote, ‘Prayer is man’s greatest power.’ A prayer is recited in order to attain a peace of mind followed by a pledge to invoke patriotism and respect for our country.


Coming to the informative part the thought for day is conveyed by members of the house. The students are expected to gain something in order to get the proper track in their life.


Here the entire school is divided into four different houses each house is lead by the prefect vice-prefect and the coordinating teachers, who prepare and plan for the day’s assembly, the programs allotted to them and main thing is that every student is given an opportunity to deal with the entire gathering which gives them the stage daring, public facing confidence and build the self confidence.


Our chairman and principal display moral values with varieties of examples. It inspires them to build their moral character.