St Xaviers Mahad

Every year 6th of June the foundation day of our school is celebrated with great joy and pomp while giving a warm happy welcome to the tiny tots of Nursery . This year our school completed 17 glorious years of it’s journey but seemed like Covid would dampen our sentiments. But we Xavierites are known for our spirit and our courage , our hopeful and positive attitude and thus to uplift the spirit of the entire Xavierite family we thought revisiting all the beautiful memories would be a stupendous idea. Here in this video we have tried to fit in some of the wonderful memories of our school starting right from the first year, sending everyone on a nostalgic voyage. Revisiting these memories not only brought a smile on our faces but reminded us that there were times darker than what we are facing today but we surpassed all the hurdles and emerged victorious every single time and hence our hope was reignited that this too shall pass. On this foundation day we shed the cast of hopelessness and dejection that Covid brought with it last year and geared up to take on the new academic year with much more vigour and optimism. We are sharing this video with the hope to impart the same feeling. Hurdles like Corona Virus can bring impediments in our journey but nothing can stop us.